what will we name the baby?
deCol at Piaf's gravesite.
deJean at Piaf's gravesite.
Morrison's cleaned up grave.
The way it used to look.
A little Jim graffiti.
The guard stands a few paces away.
deCol circles Notre Dame in awe.



Rain still threatened to soak Leslie and John, but they decide to head out to Pere Lachaise cemetary anyway. After all, the two reasons for this trip are out there, so there's no time like the present. They grabbed a taxi and headed out.

The guard at the cemetary informed them that they could buy maps and flowers at the little shop across the street. So the two went back out and crossed the street to the shop and bought flowers and maps. Leslie picked up a few postcards as well.

Leslie had waited so long to visit Edith Piaf's grave that she was a little nervous about actually getting there. When you look forward to something for so long, and it's moments away, a part of you can be nervous that it will be a little bit of a let down. Fortunately for her, it was no let down. Leslie and John visited at the gravesite for awhile and almost simultaneously, the rain started just as a tour group came up the hill. They left and the rain started coming down a little harder. John still doesn't have an umbrella, and once again mutters something about buying one, while waving off Leslie's offer to share his.

They went off in search of Jim Morrison's grave and found it with little trouble. As everyone knows, the grave is reknowned for being covered by graffiti, as is most of the graveyard, from all of the Door's fans who come to pay homage to Jim. But this day, there wasn't any graffiti anywhere, and they had to rely on the map to find the gravesite. Later, as they wandered around the cemetary, they did spot one image of Jim Morrison spray painted onto a tombstone, but that was all they could find.

Leslie was surprised to find that the entire gravesite had been entirely cleaned up and that there was a guard posted at the site, supposedly to prevent anyone from mucking the whole place up again. There were a couple of young kids there trying to light a stick on incense with a failing Bic lighter, but other than that, no one, nothing. Just the guard.

After taking Leslie's picture at the gravesite, John suggested that they move on and they did. The two of them wandered around, looking for famous names. They were lost most of the time, not really caring anymore about finding anyone. Eventually the mood of the place started to get Leslie a little down in the dumps and she said as much to John. He suggested that they hop in a cab and go see Notre Dame.

deCol's mood brightened immediately, and hop into a cab they did. Before they knew it, they were being dropped off next to the Notre Dame Cathedral. deCol had been craning her neck from every place in Paris trying to get a look at the place. It's so large and formidable she could look at it for hours and never really absorb the power of the place, even with the front facade covered in scaffolding as they make repairs to the old stone.

They got out of the cab and decided to have a look around outside before going in, because even though the rain had stopped while they were in the cab, it looked like it was going to start again. The rain clouds looked really threatening, so they hurried around the cathedral and deCol could only get a cursory look at the outside of the place before they went in.

A gasp of breath escaped from deCol as she stared, open-mouthed, eyes gaping, at the inside of the cathedral. It was truly the most breathtaking sight she'd ever seen. As she was standing there, trying to take it all in, the rain suddenly came down hard outside. The sound it made inside the cathedral was very strange.

deCol and deJean wandered around the cathedral for quite a long time. They contemplated the idea of walking up the steps to see the view from the towers, or to admire the gargoyles, but the line of people waiting for the opportunity was very, very long. deJean then declared this to be the Pas D'Ascension Tour, and with that, they left to go eat and/or shop, whichever came first.

They stayed on the Ile de la Cite for awhile, stopped for a little drink at a cafe and did a little shopping, and finally headed back to the hotel to freshen up and change before dinner.

deJean and deCol were contemplating going over to the Moulin Rouge, but neither of them had the strength required for that kind of nights entertainment. They both wanted to save their strength because tomorrow they were going shopping on the Champs Elysees. That's what they told themselves, anyway. They were really both too lazy to get all the way over to the Monmartre, it just looked so far away on the map. deCol justifies all of this to herself by telling herself that none of it is going anywhere, she'll go the next time she's in town.

So instead, the pair wanders off into the Latin Quarter to find a place to eat. It was finally a lovely night, the weather was perfect. It was a great night for a stroll and it seemed that everyone is Paris was outdoors this night. There was plenty to see and do and watch and admire and it all just goes on and on.

They realized that eventually they'd have to choose a restaurant. They were on the Boulevard Saint Michel and had just approached an intersection where Rue Soufflot meets St. Michel, and there at the top of the hill is the Pantheon. Another thing to come back and see sometime. In the meantime, the road to the Pantheon is lined with restaurants. deCol chooses one based on whim alone, Les Fontaines. deJean takes a look at the menu and confirms that they'll have plenty of stuff for them to both enjoy.
Once again, the food in Paris nearly moves the pair to tears. By now, deCol had taken to asking the waiters what she should order, and they were always happy to make suggestions. Tonight, the waiter suggested the duck with a hot pepper corn sauce. Sure, bring it on. This restaurant had a real party atmosphere to it, and they both relaxed into the mood of the place, ready for a lovely meal.

deCol always enjoys an espresso after a meal, but deJean begged her to forego the coffee this one time, as he didn't want to be up all night. It was 11:30 pm by the time they had finished their meal. deCol agreed, but the waiter did not, and tried to talk her into it. It would have been so easy had deJean not put his foot down. "Alors!" the waiter said, and left the table shaking his head and laughing.

deCol sat back in her chair and rubbed her stomach and said to deJean that she looks pregnant after all this French food. One of the waiters spyed her doing this and came over and said "You are having a French food baby, you name it after me, Phillip!", then another waiter came over and made the same demand, and then another. There was quite a crowd, and everybody had a good laugh.

day six