"do you think they'd mind if i crawled out of the elevator on my belly?"
deCol discovers that she has a fear of heights on le Tour D'Eiffel
deJean in front of Napoleon's Tomb.
"You look good in blue."
deJean is moved to perform Rodin's art.


If there is one thing that deCol and deJean both agreed on, it's how to spend the morning. These two aren't the kind of travelers that jump out of bed every morning and dash out to see as many sites as they can fit into one day. Oh no, our pair got up this morning at 8am and didn't manage to leave the hotel until 11am. There's a lengthy preparation to be attended to, there must be time given to coffee, lemon tarts, showers, cremes, tonics and hair styling.

When they did finally emerge, they walked over to the Eiffel Tower. deCol still can't remember why the hell they walked. They stopped at the end of the park and took a few photos, then proceeded towards the tower. From a distance, it looks like a little toy, and as you approach it, it looks like a really big toy.

In line to buy tickets to ride to the top of this toy, deJean asks deCol if she wants to go "all the way up to the top". She looks at him like he's crazy. She is thinking she didn't come all the way over to France to not go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Then she figures it must cost a fortune, but she glances at the prices and sees that that is not the issue. "Sure I want to go all the way to the top!"

deJean asks her again if she is sure, and now she is positive. They buy the tickets to the top and get on the elevator with everyone else. It's a large elevator, and as it makes its quick ascent, you can see the rooftops of Paris getting smaller and smaller at an incredibly fast rate. That's when deCol understands deJeans question about going all the way to the top. For the first time in her life she is gripped with a horrible fear of heights. She didn't even know that she was afraid of heights. In fact, she didn't know what was more frightening, finding out she had a fear of heights or the height itself. Either way, her fevered mind tried to plan her escape. She wanted to sit down in the elevator. Truth be told, she wanted to lay down, even sitting added more height to her already sky-high situation. She wasn't sure if this elevator stopped on other levels on its way to the top. If it didn't, she reasoned, she'd stay in the elevator, lying down, naturally, and refusing to budge until they took it back down to ground level.

The elevator suddenly stopped and deCol, panicking, tried to tell deJean that she wanted off, NOW! But she didn't act quickly enough and the doors shut and the elevator continued its ascent. deCol started to beg and plead with deJean to be let out at the next stop, and not to be taken to the very top. deJean said it was fine with him, he had never had a desire to go all the way up there. deCol's relief would have only been greater if she had heard those words while still on the ground.

They got off on the second level of the Eiffel Tower and it took a good half hour for deCol to venture anywhere near the observation rail. A little while later, deJean walked in one direction, was swallowed up by a billion tourists coming in the opposite direction, and deCol couldn't find him for another half an hour. The place doesn't really look big enough to lose a redhead for a half an hour, but it happens. When they were finally reunited, deCol insisted that they "get the hell off of this God forsaken tinker toy and go have a drink."

After the two of them had relaxed in a cafe, some distance from the Eiffel Tower, they were ready to plan the rest of the day. They headed over to Napoleon's Tomb to see what all the fuss was about. It was a marvelous structure, very beautifully layed out.

Then over to the Rodin Museum, where they had a little fun with the sculptures outdoors, posing next to each one in the same fashion as the sculpture and taking a photo of each irreverent display. Sadly, they used one of those disposable cameras, so only a few of the pictures turned out.

Tired of misbehaving, they tried to hail a cab to get back to the hotel. But unfortunately there were none to be had, as they decided to return at rush hour. They had no desire to try to figure out the metro, so they just walked. They returned to the hotel and rested, then freshened up and then deCol decided that she wanted to check her email. Off she went in search of that Cyber Cafe. She managed to get herself pretty turned around and nearly lost, but finally found it.

With the email taken care of, deCol returned to the hotel, and she and deJean headed out for dinner. They wandered around and found L'Entrecote de Clochen and had yet another fabulous meal. deCol's journal recalls the meal itself, although, wen pressed, she cannot recall the restaurant's location at all.

They head back to the hotel for some rest, since tomorrow is their last day in Paris.

day eight