chez picway, chez bucknell
John and Leslie, circa 1980
Postcard from John

While flying back to the States, one of the stewardesses was pushing her cart of refreshments down the aisle and serving everyone a little something. When she stopped to serve John and Leslie, she asked if they were a couple. They laughed and replied that they weren't, and the stewardess said that that was a shame, imagine the redheaded children they would have had. They laughed and thanked her for their drinks and her interest and she moved on. Then John turned to Leslie and said "At least my red hair is real!". Leslie gave him a smack.

As you can see by the photo on the left, Leslie used to have real red hair in 1980. In fact, she had real red hair up until about 6 months before their trip to Paris. Leslie called John and lamented that her hair was growing in some color other than red, and that she couldn't bear it like that. She had decided to have it colored, but didn't know where to go (red is so hard to do!). John couldn't bear to be seen in Paris with a companion sporting a bad dye-job, so he asked his friend, a well-known fashion expert in New York, as to where Leslie should go. She took their advice and everyone was pleased with the results.

Since their trip to Paris, John and Leslie have returned to their occasional phone calls, emails and birthday cards. John has since returned to Paris, and sent Leslie the postcard seen here. He remarks on it that the scaffolding has been removed from Notre Dame and that the front facade looks quite beautiful. This annoyed Leslie to no end.

Leslie spent the better part of a month, after she returned from Paris, trying to get used to eating cardboard. That's what all the food "back home" seemed to taste like. It was fortunate in a way, since she was able to lose a few of the pounds she had gained while eating her way from one end of the city to another.

Everytime John and Leslie talk, they talk of their return trip. They've been fairly close to actually returning on more than one occasion, but life, being what it is, always got in the way.

A bien tot!