floyd followed us to france
John at the Picasso Museum.
Leslie gets an idea.
The result of the waiter seating all of us Americans together.
They finally had to kick us all out.
Notre Dame at dusk.






Since John and Leslie had gone to bed so late the night before, they slept till 1pm on Day Three. Leslie was riddled with guilt about wasting that kind of time while in Paris, but John assured her it was all part of his grand, master, jetlag plan. By the time they had coffee and completed their toilette, it was 3:30 pm when they left the hotel. The folks at the front desk laughed when the pair emerged, saying "Bon Matin!" and chuckling.

It was a rainy, overcast day, and they were sure that Floyd had followed them to France. They wandered over to the Picasso Museum and while they stood in line to buy a ticket, they noticed an Ugly American just ahead of them. This odd little creature was nagging the ticket guy about what she was going to see in the museum. Her tone suggested that she somehow felt that this guy must have just set up a booth in the street and may be just pretending to sell tickets to the Picasso Museum. While he was trying to get rid of her, he looked over her head at Leslie and John and rolled his eyes as if to say "sorry about the delay, but as you can see, I'm being tormented by this American woman".

After the odd little woman finally gave up trying to find out what was in the museum and went in to see for herself, the ticket guy started to go on and on to Leslie and John, who were next in line, about what a pain in the neck she was. But he was doing it all in French. When he heard John speak he realized that the pair were also

Americans, he began to apologize. Leslie and John just laughed, "she was driving us crazy, too" Leslie told him. Leslie and John were just relieved not to look like Americans.

When they emerged from the Picasso Museum a few hours later, they made it about a block away before there was a torrential downpour. Leslie had an umbrella, but John just ignored the rain and walked briskly towards an awning in front of a shop. He mumbled something about buying an umbrella, but politely declined when Leslie offered to share hers.

They waited out the rain in a little shop that sold an odd variety of wares, plants, soaps, garden supplies. They made a small purchase as a way of saying thank you for allowing them to wait out the rain, and headed for the Place de Vosges. Then they headed back towards the Latin Quarter, but it started raining again, forcing our travelers back into a bar for a beer. Poor dears. They journeyed on again, and ended up on the Ile St. Louis and spent some time looking in the shop windows.

Leslie spotted a restaurant with an absolutely gorgeous waiter standing around out front. She pointed him out to John and they both agreed it was time to eat, and it had to be with that fabulous-looking waiter. The restaurant was called La Taverne du Sergent Recruteur and it was quite empty when they arrived. It must have been a little early for dinner.

Each table along one side of the restaurant was suited for just two people. But along that wall were roughly ten of these tables. Pushed together as they were, it resembled one long table. When the waiter pulled out the table at the very end, next to another wall, and Leslie crawled into her little corner, the waiter pushed the table back in tightly. She asked John to ask the waiter how was she going to get out if she needed to,

and he said, "well, monsieur, she should just jump!" and he laughed. So they let Leslie out to use the ladies room, shoved John back into the corner and all was right with the world as far as Leslie was concerned.

While they were eating the appetizers already on the table and gazing at the menu, another couple came in. The waiter brought the couple right up to the table that John and Leslie were occupying. Now Leslie is sitting shoulder to shoulder with the woman and John is sitting shoulder and shoulder with the man. They thought that this was rather odd since 95% of the restaurant was still empty, but then realized that the couple were Americans. So the four started chatting with one another.

A few minutes later, the same scenerio, another couple seated shoulder to shoulder to the couple who were seated shoulder to shoulder with John and Leslie. These two were also Americans. Soon after, the fourth and final American couple arrived and were seated in the same fashion next to the third couple.

The waiter admitted to doing this deliberately, as he thought it would be nice for all of the Americans to spend an evening together. Everyone said that they thought that that was a fine idea, even though they all wondered if he wasn't just trying to keep the American patrons away from his native clientele. Whatever the reason, everyones mood was cheerful and the eight Americans spent the night there, drinking and eating and swapping stories, eventually stumbling out into the night, vowing to meet up somewhere, sometime.

During the long evening, one of the men announced that he was here to see Morrison's grave before they moved it, which got Leslie going. Then the man from the third couple said that he had heard that no one was moving him after all, so there was no real rush to see the gravesite. It seems someone had made an anonymous donation to Pere LaChaise, with the idea of keeping him there.

It was only drizzling a little when John and Leslie headed back to the hotel by way of the Cafe Mabillon. After spending a few hours there, having drinks and observing the nightlife, they headed back to the hotel. Thinking that sleeping late again might be an issue, John put in a wakeup call for 9am. After dutifully making entries into their journals, they're heads finally hit the pillows at 3am.

day four